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Site Services Commissioning

Southgate Lighting is now one of the leading UK lighting manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us

Southgate Lighting ensures the finished installation is in accordance with the original design, consultant requirements or clients requirements is of paramount importance. Our commissioning team is dedicated to ensure this aim.

By using the latest software and hardware commissioning is fast and effective which enables the site/customer disturbances to be kept to a minimum.

This could include

  1. Scene Setting
  2. Daylight Control/constant illuminance settings
  3. Communicating Bus systems
  4. Front end PC control for monitoring purposes
  5. Ballast downloads for corridor functions
  6. A commissioning Certificate is always issued to ensure peace of mind

Actual tests for LG7 or illuminance levels can be carried out and a comprehensive report produced.

Full site surveys of existing installations for Upgrade/Energy conservation can also be carried out.


Our standard warranty is 3 years on all our products. Furthermore which we believe is unique to Southgate Lighting is we offer a 12 months site warranty. This means if a fitting is faulty (not lamps) our fully qualified engineers will attend site, anywhere in the UK and correct the fault.

This is extra reassurance for the Electrical contractor, who 9 months after completion, the answer to his reported fault is a simple phone call.