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Hayley Square


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Where state of the art downlighters are required our Hayley Square offers exceptional performance.
Ideal for:
- Offices
- Receptions
- Circulation Areas
- Toilets


Formed from 1mm Zintec steel with a spun bezel, finished in white as standard. Reflector features a Diamond faceted pattern.
Guaranteed free from Iridescence - UV resistant surface.
Environmentally friendly production - High output vacuum metallised surface.
Heat Resistant to 130 Centigrade.

Control Gear

- High Frequency


All Luminaires are supplied with colour 840, 4000k lamps as standard.

Options are available from 2700k to 8000k. Artificial daylight is 6500k for use in art studios etc... All lamp data and performance data is taken at an ambient temperature of +25 degrees Celsius

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Hayley Square

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Catalogue Coding

Lamp TypeCut out SizeBezel SizeDepthCatalogue Code
1 x 18 w 185215103SGL/HF/1018/HAY/SQ
2 x 18 w185215103SGL/HF/2018/HAY/SQ
1 x 26 w185215103SGL/HF/1026/HAY/SQ
2 x 26 w185215103SGL/HF/2026/HAY/SQ
1 x 32 w185215103SGL/HF/1032/HAY/SQ
2 x 32 w185215103SGL/HF/2032/HAY/SQ
1 x 42 w 185215103SGL/HF/1042/HAY/SQ
2 x 42 w 185215103SGL/HF/2042/HAY/SQ